Reimagining Gatsby Free Webinar: May 15, 4 PM EST

The Great Gatsby is one of America’s most beloved novels. It has been reimagined for film, stage, and soon to be graphic novel. What is it about this novel that endures? And why has a school district in Alaska banned it? This and other topics will be covered by an esteemed panel of experts including:

• Blake Hazard. She oversaw production and wrote the foreword to the upcoming Great Gatsby graphic novel. She’s Scott and Zelda’s great-granddaughter.
• Dr. Maureen Corrigan, a professor at Georgetown University, she’s the book critic for NPR’s Fresh Air
• Dr. Kirk Curnutt, executive director of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society and managing editor of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Review
• Michael Cotey, producer, director, activist; he directed a production of Gatsby
• Robert Steven Williams, director of the upcoming documentary Gatsby in Connecticut: The Untold Story

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