Gatsby in Connecticut develops in poignant detail the story of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s wild summer of 1920.

The New Yorker


Selected one of the Best Movies of 2020 by The New Yorker

Seven years in the making, now available in the US and Canada on iTunes and a multitude of other digital platforms and cable video on demand. Will be released around the world in 2021. At the moment, we are now longer on Amazon. More details to follow . . . 

Although most film festivals went sideways in 2020, we were selected by these national and international festivals, winning Best New England film at the Mystic Film Festival, and making the finals in the UK’s Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival:

The official DVD with bonus material including interviews with Sam Waterston, Keir Dullea and Scott and Zelda’s granddaughter, Bobbie Lanahan, is now available at various retailers on-line including Amazon and Best Buy.